6 Truths About Working in a Small PR Agency

hard PR

  1. We are motivated. Janet from the next cubicle over is not going to pick up the slack on your research for client X. As part of a small agency, you are involved in every facet of the PR puzzle. You don’t work on some of the accounts…you work on them all. Prepare to go the extra mile to deliver the best quality of work for each and every client.
  2. We really like coffee. Some small, but mighty agencies don’t have a traditional office environment. We have to get creative about where we meet, so sometimes a coffee shop is just the place. They often (not always!) provide a quiet setting to get some work done and meet with clients over a deliciously hot and energizing beverage.
  3. We can work a room. Networking is key! Small agencies don’t always show up at the top of the Google search. That doesn’t mean they aren’t as good. Some small companies are small and stay small because they want to be! LG-PR wants to provide companies with that one-on-one, “there for you when you need us”, type of support. So in order to find business opportunities and help others see our value, we’ve got to get out there and meet some folks. Carrying a business card, connecting on LinkedIn, and working the room are some of the best ways we achieve this.
  4. We know how to shift gears.  Working in PR is a little like driving a car. When you work for a small agency that can mean devoting a little bit of time to every client all in one day. Clients have different goals and objectives and if you’re in PR you know that there isn’t one plan to rule them all. You have to be able to easily go from one client’s work to the next and not lose sight of each one’s unique needs or overarching goals.
  5. We think BIG. The agency may not be big, but everyone in it must have the mind set that they can do anything that a large agency can and that anything is possible. We just have to be that much more creative; more motivated and extra organized. Think of creative ways around buying that $5,000 software solution or how a team of two can have success on a project that seems like a job for five. It’s up to you to figure it out. Think Big!
  6. We’re the real MVP. Think about it, we can provide the same quality of work and achieve the same results as the big guys with half the staff and (oftentimes) half the budget. It’s not magic, its good old-fashioned creativity and hard work. By saying yes to big challenges and proving our worth to clients, we can remind people that David and Goliath isn’t just a story, it’s a lesson that plays out in our work environment every day.
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