Beat the Winter Office Blues and Accomplish Your 2017 Goals


The holidays are over and our resolutions are in full swing. Maybe you made the promise to keep your workspace more organized, or are making moves to ask for that next promotion. No matter what the goal is, here are some tips to beat the winter blues and stay focused and on the track to accomplishing your 2017 goals!

1. Find inspiration – You can find inspiration anywhere. Start reading blogs that discuss your industry for creative ideas, follow industry influencers on social media, or simply talk to other people that are where you want to be. No matter where you draw inspiration from, be sure to open your eyes and keep searching.

2. Write down your goals – Put pen to paper and write down what you’d like to accomplish. Seeing your goals in writing will give them life and serve as a reminder of where you want to be at this time next year. Go a little further and create the steps you plan to take along with a timeline outlining when you want to reach each goal.

3. Focus – Educate yourself on how to reach your goal. You’ve got a goal, inspiration, and maybe a timeline, but now it’s time to ask the hard hitting question. How do I get there? Do your research! Talk to people that will help get you there and most importantly, never lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish.

4. Meditate – There are countless reasons we should meditate. It can reduce your stress, help you gain control over your emotions and has countless benefits listed here -> 10 Reasons to Meditate. It doesn’t have to be a long 30-minute session; even just 10 minutes daily can reap health benefits. If you want to get started there are many apps that make it easy. Try Headspace, it helps beginners get started with quick and easy-guided sessions.

5. Be Flexible – Find more than one way to reach your goals. Keep an open mind when it comes to how you will accomplish them. When roadblocks arise, take them in stride and rework the plan. Inflexibility can lead to negativity and can make you feel like giving up. Remember to just keep pushing and make 2017 your best year yet!

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