Thinking Outside of the Office: 5 Tips to Help Remote Workers get the Job Done

The traditional office environment isn’t necessarily the norm for companies these days. With more and more offices doing away with cubicles and trading them in for beanbags and Ping-Pong tables, the possibilities of options for employees to meet these days is endless.

At LG-PR, we occasionally work from the home office but often work together at shared office or remote locations. However, not all locations are created equally and not all locations are ideal for getting the job done. Below we’ve shared some tips for a great meeting spot and have identified a few of our favorite places.

  1. Great lighting- If you’re sharing printed documents with team members it’s important that you can see things without straining your eyes. Meetings can sometimes cause headaches all by themselves; so don’t make it worse by adding poor lighting to the mix!
  2. Plenty of surface area- A cramped workspace is unorganized and chaotic. If there isn’t enough space to go around, the potential for mixing up documents and taking home others’ belongings is increased. Not to mention, studies have shown that a cluttered workspace leads to less productivity and that is the last thing we want in a meeting. 
  1. No food – Unless there’s enough to go around! You don’t want to find yourself focusing on where that delicious smell is coming from in the middle of an important strategy conversation. If the meeting is a lunch format, or if someone brought donuts, that’s perfectly acceptable. Just try not to camp out in the middle of someone else’s lunch hour.
  1. Bring the juice – Not the kind you drink! Make sure all electronics are fully charged, and if not, bring chargers and make sure you’re in a spot with plenty of outlets. Most places accommodate for electronics, but always check to make sure.
  1. Noise control – Starbucks usually has Nora Jones playing softly in the background mixed with the hum of an espresso machine. We like to consider that acceptable white noise. You need to make sure you find a place with either no noise, or noise that’s just low enough so it doesn’t become distracting, especially if you have to jump on a client or conference call.

Below are a few of our suggested meeting spots.

  • The “Coffice” – Most coffee shops have WiFi, outlets, and plenty of food and caffeine to go around. One of our favorites our “home away from home”, Starbucks.
  • Home Office – Sometimes LG-PR will meet at the home office when it’s more of a team day and we aren’t meeting with clients.
  • The Library – Need WiFi, quiet, printing, copying, and faxing capabilities? Look no further than the public library if your home office is not equipped.
  • Regus- They offer the option of renting office space or meeting rooms virtually anywhere in the U.S. From their website you just type in your location, date, time, and the number of people you’ll be meeting with and you’re on your way to booking a meeting spot. Or sign up for a membership and use one of their convenient business lounges.
  • Workfrom – If you’re still unsure of where you should go, try It’s a website designed to help you discover workspaces in your area. It provides a run down of a specific locations’ WiFi speeds, power outlet accessibility, and other important info you need to know before you head to the location. They scope out the perfect place so you don’t have to.


Do you have a favorite meeting spot for your remote work environment? Let us know!

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